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What you should know about lead in paint, dust, soil & water.

Many British people unknowingly live their lives surrounded by dangerous materials such as lead-based paint. These environmental concerns are especially harmful because often they are not easily identifiable and exposure can occur without recognizable symptoms. Being exposed to lead can cause lasting health concerns for adults and children.

Get the facts about lead in paint - dust - soil -water in your pre 1978 home.

Find out your options about lead testing and why Lead Test lab analysis for testing for lead in pre 1978 homes is universally recognised as the most reliable and accurate form of testing for lead in paint, dust, soil & water.


Lead Test products.

Lead Test Full Products List And Data Sheets.

Lead Test products, examples and data sheets.

Your Options For Testing For Lead In Your Home.

Lab analysis vs test swabs for lead detection.

Your options for testing lead in your home.

Fact sheet: Home Lead Testing.

How many test kits will I require to test my home for lead.

What You Should Know About Lead Hazard In Your Home.

Example of lead paint in 1940 home.

Example of lead dust in 1890 home.

Example of dangerous lead dust in diy decorating in 1965 home.

Example of lead dust & soil hazard in 1946 home.

Lead Test Analysis Data.

Lead Test system performance data for lead levels.

Last updated: 25/02/2014.

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